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Kidney Surgery

Cristina Myroniuk

My kidney surgery was a most beautiful spiritual experience.

As soon as I entered the operating room I asked my doctors and medical staff if they would allow me to say a prayer. They all said Yes and everyone stopped what they were doing and bowed their heads.

I looked up and said:

Father, thank you for bringing us here today. Please give my doctors wisdom, knowledge, truth, compassion and help them do what is right for my health. Let the outcome be good and protect us from all evil.


Also, bless my doctors and their families with love and peace, good health and everything they need. I am saying this prayer in the Name of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

The next morning at 6 AM a medical team consisting of two young doctors, a male Orthodox Jew and a female Muslim, came to see me. The Jewish doctor said: "I heard that you said a beautiful prayer in the operating room last night. Well, I would like to inform you that it was answered!" It was a most precious moment of joy that the three of us - Jew, Muslim, Christian - shared together.

Later on my surgeon gave me more good news: he said that while the growth in my kidney had been benign, most such growths are malignant. Then he added: "I now believe in the power of prayer!"

And if God used this experience for the sole purpose of giving faith to those around me - I feel honored!

May he bless all the people who prayed for me or who learned how to pray on this occasion.