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We shall Keep the Child!

By Mark and Trisha Yeo

As I pen this testimony, my heart is filled with gratitude and a sense of assurance that God ALWAYS take care of His own (Matthew 6:25-33).

Late November '03, I took my wife to our gynecologist for a routine check-up . Looking at the ultrasound scan, the doctor suddenly said that there was a problem. Apparently, since our last check-up, water had formed around the baby's left lung. It was compressing the lung, which was obviously smaller than the right lung.

The doctor called it “hydrothorax” and told us that this is quite an uncommon occurrence. She also said that babies with hydrothorax usually don't make it. Even if the baby were to survive, the mental and physical development would be hampered, as she would only be surviving on one lung. She advised us to abort.

We told her that as the baby was from the Lord; we would keep the child. She sent us to an ultrasound specialist. He gave the same diagnosis and the same options.

Of course, there were tears, but we trusted the Lord. The next day, we decided to see a third gynecologist, who happened to be an extremely experienced doctor in Singapore, and more importantly, our church elder.

After looking at the ultrasound, he confirmed the hydrothorax. He told us that there was nothing we could do but to go for our holiday (to Melbourne, Australia) and pray.

Those three weeks in Melbourne was a time of tension for us. We prayed and prayed. My parents (my dad is pastoring a church there in London) prayed as well. The situation was exacerbated by my mother-in-law trying to talk us into aborting the child. When we stood our ground, she started to rant and rave about Christians using their God as an excuse to further their own selfish objectives. Very strange logic, that one.

When we got back to Singapore, we went to see the gynecologist (church elder). He took one look at the screen and praised the Lord. The water had disappeared!

In my life, I've experienced numerous blessings from the Lord, but this one was a big one. How great is our Lord!

Baby Sarah Yeo was born on 19th, May 04 at 11.22 pm at Mount Alvernia Hospital, Singapore. She is a perfectly normal baby. A curious thing though - she has a small birthmark on her left cheek. My mother quipped that perhaps the Lord put it there to remind us of His mercy and grace.

All praise and glory to Him. Amen.

Mark Yeo

Newborn Sarah with the loving familyEd: Along with Mark and his wife, I rejoice and praise the Lord for giving them a healthy baby. Moreover, I praise God for an even greater work in their hearts. Rather than following the godless culture and aborting their baby, they feared the Lord and were determined to keep their baby no matter what. God is the Author of life, and He commanded us not to murder. He commands us to love everyone, especially those whom the world rejects and discards as worthless. In their case, it pleased the Lord to give them a healthy child. Others have made similar decisions, but their children have been born with serious problems and deformities. We still see the hand of God in these sad situations – "Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes the mute, the deaf, the seeing, or the blind? Have not I, the LORD?” (Exodus 4:11). God gives special grace to the parents of handicapped children. Along with the heartache and hard work, the child with special needs brings joy and peace to the family. God blesses those who trust in Him! In all situations, let us be guided by the light of His Word.

Joe Mizzi