Just for Catholics


"If you die right now (God forbid!), do you feel that: (1) You will go directly to heaven? or (2) You will go to hell?"

Thanks to the Catholic respondents. Here are excerpts from their answers ...

I will go directly to heaven because I am saved. And yes, I am a typical Catholic with typical Catholic beliefs. … And no, we don't believe in SALVATION THROUGH WORKS.

Will you go directly to heaven? No and here is why. I don't feel that I would go straight to heaven because I'm sure that I have committed a few venial sins since I attended Mass this past Sunday. Will you go to hell? No and here is why. I have not committed any mortal sins, which do separate us from God.

You can't walk around saying ‘I've been saved! I've been saved!!’ Only the most arrogant of humans would do this. We can hope for salvation and work towards it by our faith and works through the grace of God - but only God can save us. We can't announce we are saved and have it be so.

Because I am being transformed ‘daily’ by my Lord present and received in the Most Holy Eucharist and because of His Promise in John Chapter 6 if I receive Him and following St. Paul's admonition to ‘work out your salvation in fear and trembling’ I will be with Him in heaven. It may well be that this ‘ole’ lady will have a period of purgation either here or in Purgatory before seeing God ‘face to face’ and this only God knows.

If I were to die right now, per Catholic teaching, I would not go to Hell. I am a baptized Christian. I love Christ and follow Him as best I can. I am not in a state of mortal sin. But would I go to Heaven? Eventually definitely. Perhaps immediately. That is up to God and He is completely just.

Right now If I would meet the Lord, I believe I would NOT go to hell because I'm living in a state of grace, that is, I'm not living in Mortal sin … If I would die right now, in this unfinished state, I would go wash up this dirt still on me through a cleansing fire of God's Love. This delay is imposed by our impurity a delay before God's embrace.

I am a ‘typical’ Catholic, so here are my answers. I would not be able to enter heaven because i am not perfect and only perfection can enter heaven. So I would be ‘with God’ in the state of cleansing (purgatory) until perfectly cleansed. Hell? ... no, won't be in hell because I am in full communion with Christ.

If I were to die right now, I know I would not go to hell. Rather, I would look forward to Heaven, either by way of purgatory, to purge me from any remnants of imperfection left by my sins so I can see God face to face, or as a direct shot to Heaven, if God deems me ready.

I am just a simple soul but I know that we are not supposed to judge others or ourselves, surely? How can say that I will take God's place and judge whether or not a person if they died now would go to heaven or hell even if it is myself?

God's mercy is infinite, so is His justice. When we are judged we will fall on one side or another. Being one with Jesus, and transformed by Him is the key.

I will go to Heaven if I am without mortal sin and I have asked forgiveness and I am contrite about ALL of my previous sins. If a spot of sin remains on me at death that is not mortal, then I believe I will be cleansed of my sins in Purgatory before going to Heaven. I will let my merciful God decide.

If I die in the stand of grace, I'd whether go to heaven or to purgatory. For me, that's no problem at all. The problem would be to die not being in the stand of grace, not being forgiven of mortal sin.

And before I can stand in the presence of Almighty God, (sins) cannot exist. So, I either God will get rid of them while I’m still on earth or he will take care of them on the Day, either way nothing imperfect can enter Heaven. How this takes place, we will find out.

If I die right now, I just got done with confession and the Mass, so I feel I have a good chance of reaching Heaven, but that is not my call to make, since I am not the Judge, and neither are you.