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The Slaughter of the Innocent

Question: Should a handicapped foetus be aborted, as is the practice in many civilized countries?

Answer: Aborted? Why? What crime has the unborn baby committed that he or she should be punished by death? Is disability or physical deformity a sufficient justification for murder - for what is abortion but the intentional killing of an innocent and helpless human being for our selfish ends?

The values of our ungodly society are twisted. People are valued solely on the basis of beauty, strength, wealth, and academic achievement. That's why a baby with Down syndrome is a rejected and killed in his mother's womb before he is born.

However if we look at that same child from a biblical perspective, we would be able to perceive beauty despite all the physical problems. We see another human being, just like you and me, created in the image of God. And since he is made in God's image, we ought to value and respect his life. We are taught by our Lord to love everyone, and especially the poor, the weak and the outcasts. A handicapped child needs more love, simply because he has special needs. To justify abortion, human reason and compassion are terribly distorted.

Abortion is most commonly performed at the ninth to twelfth week of gestation. By this time, the baby would fit in the palm of your hand, he has eyes and fingernails, moves, swallows, and sucks his thumb. And we have been told that "it" is merely a lump of cells! What deception!

God must feel nauseated, seeing millions of innocent children murdered every year in our so-called "civilized" world. In the United States alone 1.5 million abortions are performed every year. That means that in America about 4000 babies are killed every hour! By the time you read this short article (about one minute) three other babies are destroyed in their mother's womb.

May God be merciful and grant us repentance. Or else God will come in judgment to stop this massacre of the innocent that is far greater than the holocaust or anything else in the history of the world.

Dr Joseph Mizzi