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One Billion Catholics

Question: So you think that the one billion Catholics all over the world are not saved and will go to hell?

Answer: Truth is not determined by numbers. Roman Catholicism is not necessarily right simply because it is so popular. The world population was certain that the old man, Noah, was a lunatic (building a ship in the middle of the land!) - all of them were wrong! With the exception of a handful, all the Jews were in agreement that Jesus of Nazareth should be crucified as a blasphemer. All of them were wrong! There was a time when Arianism dominated the church. Athanasius stood firm against the world (contra mundum) to defend the Deity of our Lord. He was right; the world was in error. Close to a billion Muslims believe that Jesus is not the Son of God; all of them are wrong! No, truth is not determined by the majority vote.

We do not wish that any of our Muslim friends should be lost; yet, we cannot conclude that Islam is therefore a true religion. The same applies to Catholicism, or any other religion. The truthfulness of Catholicism is not proved by our love and desire for Catholics' salvation.

I sincerely hope that among the millions of Catholics, there are many who, despite the errors and the additions of human tradition, are saved through simple faith in Christ. Yet, that does not mean that there aren't serious errors in Catholicism that obscure and distort the Gospel message.

Who is and who is not saved is not our business to determine. God knows. God is the judge. Our job is to proclaim the truth of the Gospel, and as a corollary, to expose error wherever it opposes the Gospel of Christ.

Are you saved? Have you sat down, with an open Bible before you, in an attitude of prayer, humbly and earnestly seeking God's way of salvation? What must I do to be saved? That is the question that each one of us must ask, for if we answer it wrongly, we'll find ourselves with the majority - on the broad way that leads to destruction.

Dr Joseph Mizzi